Strategy Development and Consultation
Implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy tailored to your school’s unique DNA is key to achieving change and sustaining success. We partner with school leadership in the strategy development phase and continue to support its implementation through consultation and coaching. The process includes:
- Diversity and Inclusion strategy assessment and consultation
- Strategy implementation consultation
- Strategic consultation with Board of Trustees, Diversity Committees
and Administrators

Consulting Services
About Us

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Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc. offers a variety of services specific to the challenges faced today by educators and school administrators. We offer a range of services which can stand alone or combine to meet the specific needs of your school.
Dr. Gene Batiste, VP of School Field Services & Equity and Justice Initiatives for the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), uses the J&A definition of Cultural Competency as he talks about how NAIS supports diversity and inclusion in Independent Schools.
​Building Cultural Competency at Your School
We provide a range of educational and skill building sessions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your school and its community. Building cultural competency throughout the school community supports students as they face a new global reality. We provide educational experiences for Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Diversity Committees, Parents and the Board of Trustees.

Developing Diversity and Inclusion Leadership
We support diversity and inclusion directors in becoming effective leaders who can create meaningful and sustainable change at their independent school. This leadership coaching process includes participation in a 360° Assessment, in-person intensive coaching sessions, and ongoing phone coaching.​