Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre is Senior Consultant with Jones & Associates. He is an internationally recognized speaker and peak-performance expert.  A former enlisted soldier in the Army and Air Force Captain, Mr. McIntyre is a personal productivity expert, motivating coach and engaging keynote speaker. Experienced in both the corporate and government sectors, Mr. McIntyre specializes in helping small to mid-sized business leaders implement peak-performance management systems.

Mr. McIntyre has worked with corporate and government clients including the United Nations, NASA, Lucas Films, NCAA, and Northwestern Mutual. He is the author of the business leadership book The Roadmap to Freedom and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Business, MSNBC, Reuters & The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success.

Mr. McIntyre has spoken in 48 US states and internationally across Europe, India, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. As a Certified Speaking Professional, he holds the National Speakers Association’s highest earned professional designation. Mr. McIntyre is a graduate of Penn State University and holds dual masters degrees in HR Management and Development. 

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